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Spring Celebration for Matsu’s birthday

The birthday of Matsu in lunar calendar march 23 every year is an important celebration of Yan Hai Gong’s religious festivals; in addition to holding a grand birthday ceremony, chiming the bells, hitting the drums, lighting firecrackers and theatrical performance. According to ancient, there is a solemn ceremony, and the temple is also preparing plentiful birthday gifts. The annual activity of Yan Hai Gong to celebrate Matsu’s birthday has specially prepared five thousand catties of bread with peach’s and turtles’ shape for sharing with all the faithful people. the spring festival of Matsu’s birthday is Yan Hai Gong’s main activity, so all of worshipers are preparing the sacrifices, vegetables and fruits. The peaches and gifts will be in the courtyard but also in the worship hall, and everybody celebrates together for Matsu’s birthday.

the Matsu being a Goddess | Fall Festival

"September 9" is Lin Mo Niang’s date to being goddess and also is the birthday of Matsu. Yan Hai Gong will ask the taoist chanting on September 9th every year for commemorating the birth of Mazu.

Emperor Song Taizong Yong Xi fourth Dinghai, Matsu is twenty-nine years old. September 8 of this year, Matsu told her family: "Her heart connects with all living creatures and her mind is clearness; therefore, she shall be not lived in this world of mortal; tomorrow is the Double Ninth Day, she will be climbing and having a far journey, so she said goodbye to everyone. "

The next morning, after the Matsu burning the incense and chanting Chinese scripture, Matsu told her sisters: "Today I will climb the mountain for journey and the trip is far away, so you do not have to come with me." Matsu showed the sentiment due to the separation. Her sisters also laughed at her and said: it just a journey, why do you feel miserable? Matsu had climbed the highest peak of Mae mountain, and at the same time, the heavenly melodies sounded together from the white clouds and lofty mountain; the melodious is playing in the wind and suddenly a hole opened in clouds to emit colorful and bright light. Matsu is then gently rising in the clouds and also disappeared with the clouds together; since then, Matsu has shown her soul frequently, and local people saw her in trance during the eyes closed in an instant or while idle around the protruding rocks and water tunnel. Matsu is often manifestation and gives blessing.

The activities of patrol and pilgrimage and return of the emperor

The activity of emperor returning and pilgrimage of Yan Hai Gong takes place for years, but not in the Matsu birthday; it is in the lunar calendar between October to December during the slack of the agriculture. The thirteen jurisdiction’s followers under Yan Hai Gong belong agricultural town; plowing in the sunny day and reading in the raining day; They work diligently in the busy agricultural period , and they have the spare capacity into the pilgrimage while the slack period of the agriculture .

The patrol and pilgrimage activities of Yan Hai Gong passes through firstly the Chunan Chi Yu temple, Dounan Shun Temple, Changhua Nanyao Temple, Newport Feng Tien Temple, Lugang Mazu Temple, Jhutang Chi Hong Temple, and finally Beigang Chao-Ting temple. The tour has been executed for many years; although the emperor returning and pilgrimage are not around all of the thirteen jurisdictions, the densely populated areas of thirteen jurisdictions have been passed through; the team stretches several kilometers for protecting and supporting the home town, and blessing the faithful.

To celebrate Chungyuan Pu Tu carnival

Annual Lunar calendar July 20, Yan Hai Gong holds the festival for Chungyuan; In the celebration, it takes place the releasing lonely ghost’s soul from purgatory; igniting the fire; releasing water lanterns; PuTu and other ceremonies. The main slaughtering of hallowed pigs, sacred chicken, and holly lamb are held by thirteen villages in rotation every year; the owner of livestock will elect the colorful pavilion out of the slaughtered body for fighting the glory; vie with each other for glamour and more beautiful than one can take in; crowded people in front of temple and the grand is extraordinary.