The Heavenly Holly Mother is appearing on sea to save suffering

In the past, ancestors came to Taiwan by sailing across the sea; the sea is very rushing and the adverse changes of the weather is more unpredictable. People put their hope on the gods; therefore, when the boat is shipping, Matsu is enshrined on the boat, and it will be treated as a patron for the navigation.

Matsu in Taiwan has many nicknames, but it always says: pray to "Matsu" will bless everyone with the peace.

The two patrons accompanying with "Matsu" on both sides in the main hall are said two kids who had committed all kinds of crimes and "Matsu" has reined in them; one is a good with clairvoyant and the other is excellent with clairaudience; both of them can help "Matsu" to see disasters of thousands miles away and to hear the call for help from everydirection, so " Matsu " can be immediately aware of people’s suffering and bless all sentient beings to depart from the calamity.

Goddess of Child-giving controls the human breeding

In the folk beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth smoothly, the major events such as conception and birth are administered by Goddess of Child-giving. Additionally, a deep-rooted concept in traditional Chinese has said that "There are three ways to be unfilial; having no offspring is the worst. ", and those married women without children having will ask to the help of the Goddess of Child-giving.

The Emperors of the Three Offices for blessing, and rituals for eliminating disasters

“The Emperors of the Three Offices " means the Tian guan, Di Guan and Shuei Guan collectively known as the "three officers; in Taiwan is commonly known as "Lords of three spheres"; The monarchic class of the Emperors of the Three Offices is only below the Jade Emperor, and they control the good fortune of people, the ridding of sin and distress.