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Architectural space planning

The layout and style of the building space of Yan Hai Gong inherited from the traditional southern Chinese architecture with thorough appearance. House-style of building is three halls pattern including the front hall, main hall, and rear hall. This is different from the generally residential construction, as it is a temple for the Gods and Bodhisattvas. Fixed line configuration of the space arrangement is according to the visiting process of believers and organization in order; the bilateral symmetry is depending on the location of the main enshrined God as the axis. In addition to the respect expression of divine faith, while the believers walk into the temple, they can be able to instantly feel the sacred and solemn atmosphere, and thus raising the hearts of pious worship.

The main building of Yan Hai Gong is consisted of the front hall, extended to worship hall, main hall, rear hall, east and west wings galleries and decorated archway in front of the temple. Space is basically divided into several areas:
Decorated archway:commonly known as mountain gate; independently located in front of Yan Hai Gong. It defined the inside and outside accesses, and also has a landmark feature. The style of decorated archway is four pillars with three arches forming shape, and brought up the gorgeous and brilliant eye catching to make a magnificent atmosphere. Main ridge of the central set of a flaming pearl, and dragons on both sides are in a face to face direction for purpose of guard; the function is to suppress the fire.
The front courtyard:is located on the plaza opposite to the Yan Hai Gong’s entrance, and it is between the decorated archways to the front hall. It can be arrived by across the street. It is a place that numerous pilgrims can be assembly before paying homage into the temple or a place for celebrations, art performances, or the temporary stage structuring. Now it also becomes a fine place for vendors to make money during holidays.
Front Hall:it is the main entrance for the Yan Hai Gong; the terrain is in important location. Three open doors also known as the " Sanchuan Gate " or " Sanchuan hall " and it is the first hall of Yan Hai Gong. The appearance is gorgeous, and most complicated decorative arts were implemented, a focus of artistic expressions.
Worship hall:worship hall or called as "worship courtyard"; a big censer and an altar are usually placed in here; it can provide a space for believers t worship and a place for flowers, fruit, and offerings.
Main hall:the main hall, also known as " Big Hall" and it is a space for the kernel of enshrining in Yan Hai Gong; the main hall served the Heavenly Holly Mother. The Emperors of the Three Offices and Goddess of Child-giving are accompanied in the left and right sides; There is a Tongzhi Decade (1891) plaque " Hai Guo Chang chun " on the beam-column.
Rear Hall:currently it provides leisure recreational activities to community groups and pilgrims.
Dragon and Tiger Gate:located on both sides of the front hall; the left is dragon and the right is tiger; it is titled as “Wu Gate” with Sanchuan Gate collectively and is the ferial thoroughfare for the believers. it is customary to enter from the dragon gate and exit from the tiger gate.
Bell and Drum Towers:The layout of bell and drum towers has the purpose with warning or the using for ritual. When there is a significant sacrificed event, the bells and drums will be chimed at the same time for the respect while the sacred sculpture (statue) is going in/out of the temple. The bell and drum towers of Yan Hai Gong is a hexagonal tapered top in a hexagonal pyramid, and all of slopes are concentrated in the central highest point (roof crown) of the roof.
Wings Galleries:the management committee office space; it is set in the right and left sides of the temple. The entrance of Yan Hai Gong is on the left side of dragon gate with a counter service place, so if the believers have a doubt, he/she can ask the office for the service. The wall is engraved with the brief instruction of Heavenly Holly Mother, the renovation history, and the donated names of Yan Hai Gong. The long pedal chair on sides provides a rest place for pilgrims during visiting.