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About Ren Hai Temple

Ren Hai Temple is a two hundred year-old long history temple located in the urban area, and standing in the north-south arteries with imposing appearance. The corniced roof and building, carved beams, and multicolored in exterior. It is very traditional Chinese temple architecture, If you close to it, a quiet thinking as nostalgic feelings will be brought up.

Ren Hai Temple, the altar is placed in the front hall. The first floor of main hall enshrined the Heavenly Holly Mother, left clairvoyance general and right clairaudience general. The side niche enshrined synchronicity with the Emperors of the Three Offices and Goddess of Child-giving; therefore, the believers can be blessed of grace together. The rear hall on the first floor is for activities such as different assemblies. The front hall on the second floor dedicated to the God Emperor Guansheng, the left devoted to Emperor Shennong, and the right consecrated to Lord Emperor Wenchang and other deities. Yuan Chen Temple is located on the rear hall of the second floor; the central dedicated to the Dou Lao Yuan Jyun and LiouShih JiaZih TaiSuei SingJyun. The additional construction on the third floor is the Guanyin shrine for worshiping of Guanyin Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra, and Manjusri. The divinity has great renown and the Gloria is solemnity.

After numerous additional rebuilding and renovation, Ren Hai Temple is then towering magnificence, spacious venue, and each shrine shows the magnificence and the sacredness. The various ritual activities, men and women, the honored persons from the world and large crowds came to participate and making the coil and incense of Ren Hai Temple’s incense becomes more prosperous.